Figuring it all out

The last several months have been extremely stressful. In 2015, I had already taken the decision to postpone attending graduate school by at least 2 years. I was going through the grad school application process for the second time, and it sucked. Everything felt uncertain. But finally things worked out PERFECTLY.

In total, I got 6 admits and 2 partial scholarships!!

I have decided to attend a Master’s program dedicated to Product Management in the Bay Area at a school frequently regarded as #1 in the US for Computer Science.

  • The program is fantastic and offered jointly by the Business School and Engineering School.
  • The courses are perfect and will hopefully launch my career in the direction I have been hoping for – By preparing me in areas like strategy, finance and marketing with a focus on the Tech Industry – perfect for a career in Product Management
  • The institute is highly reputed in Tech, and should hopefully land me at least the opportunity to interview at any company I aim to work for.
  • It is truly going to be an exceptional learning experience. The professors are outstanding. I will be alongside great peers. The school has great resources and an amazing alumni network. But above all, I think the school stands for innovation. I hope I have an entrepreneurial mindset by the time I graduate, a skill that is crucial today.
  • I will be in the Bay Area! It has been a dream of mine, to move to the Silicon Valley. I was hoping it would happen in the next 5 years, so I couldn’t be happier that I will be moving to Mountain View this fall!
  • CALIFORNIA – I am so excited to be here. I will be close to family, in the best state in the US and in a great place to live. It’s just 5 hours away from my home in Los Angeles, but It’s still a new place and probably a refreshing change. I totally intend on exploring all the vineyards here. 😛
  • No Snow. I can’t tolerate the cold. As a girl who has grown up in SoCal and India, I don’t think I can function properly without the Sun and beaches. NorCal is definitely not as good as SoCal but hey, at least it isn’t -40 degrees the whole year.
  • Silicon Valley startups – I will be in the hub of entrepreneurship and a lot of exciting things are happening here.
  • ROI – If all goes well, I will gain a lot from doing this program. I will gain valuable skills and learn a lot, expand my career prospects, gain access to opportunities I previously did not have, and hopefully break through into product management before I am 25. It increases my earning potential too.

I am super excited and can’t wait to move! I quit my job and am planning to relax, travel and do some reading in the summer before heading to school.