2 Interview Invites and 2 Dings

Well, first the bad news: Dinged from MIT and from Duke without Interview 😦

Invited to interview at 2 of my schools, they are in the top 15-25. 😀

That gives me some hope, since the average work experience at both these schools is 5 years! I am pleasantly surprised that I made it to the interview stage at least, which means my stats and work experience are well in line with what is needed at a top 25 school, despite being younger and from the dreaded ‘Indian IT Engineer’ cohort which is crazy competitive.

I had one skype interview which was stressful. I was not asked standard questions. Instead I was asked difficult behavioral questions, probably used to guage my maturity and preparedness for the program, considering I’m younger. I managed to answer each answer with substantial examples, but I wasn’t happy with the interview since I was overcome by nervousness, spoke really fast and in general sounded less confident than I usually am! I was pretty surprised with the questions. Also my interview was not conversational, which made me more nervous, since my interviewer was constantly taking down notes!

The next interview is in 2 weeks. I really hope this one is better, since this is one of my top choices!