Waiting without anxiety…. and HBS Ding

Dinged from Harvard Business School. Well, that’s okay, it was expected anyway.

I postponed my application to Foster since I wanted to wait till I received other decisions.

The rest of my applications are done. I am so glad I’m done writing essays for now! I feel really calm. I’m not anxious about the results. I’m not worried. I’m just feeling really good in life at this point 😀

Because I have put together the best applications I could at that point of time. I believe there’s a major luck component involved in MBA admissions. I now leave the rest to fate/God’s plans for me/karma. And I’m going to chill out.

If I get all rejects I have a backup plan to look for jobs and return to US to be closer to family and friends. If I’m physically present in the US I might also be able to consider part-time MBA later at some point.

Till then, I will keep waiting and see where life takes me!


Round 1 Applications 2016…. !!!!

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

There is SO MUCH ANXIETY involved in this process, I’m going a little crazy around deadlines.

My day is a little bit like this:

Wake up. Go to work. Procrastinate my actually work because I’m thinking ‘OMGIMDOOMEDWILLIGETANINTERVIEW’ as I type away on my keyboard surrounded by my fellow techies. Except I’m not typing code. I’m typing away my essay drafts :P. Then I do my actual work. Go back home. Do essays and applications. Get 3 hours of sleep. Repeat. :/

Anyway, Now that I actually got started on all that work, It became apparent to me that I need a better plan and time to figure this all out. Especially since next week I have 3 deadlines on 3 consecutive days. (Yikes)