Round 1 Applications 2016…. !!!!

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

There is SO MUCH ANXIETY involved in this process, I’m going a little crazy around deadlines.

My day is a little bit like this:

Wake up. Go to work. Procrastinate my actually work because I’m thinking ‘OMGIMDOOMEDWILLIGETANINTERVIEW’ as I type away on my keyboard surrounded by my fellow techies. Except I’m not typing code. I’m typing away my essay drafts :P. Then I do my actual work. Go back home. Do essays and applications. Get 3 hours of sleep. Repeat. :/

Anyway, Now that I actually got started on all that work, It became apparent to me that I need a better plan and time to figure this all out. Especially since next week I have 3 deadlines on 3 consecutive days. (Yikes)




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